About Dina

Dina is a photographer with a background in editing and documentary photography. For Dina, the purpose of photography is not to produce an aesthetic that corresponds to the current aesthetic standards, but to arouse and eliminate the observer’s sense of shame, anger, shock and empathy, thereby stimulating the human condition. Awareness. Insight. Dina independently produced a large-scale photographic series of philosophical, ironic, technical and visual stunning.

Dina’s experience as a documentary photographer complements her concept series-they communicate with each other in technology and creativity. From her more candid work, she learned that spontaneity and lack of control are sources of inspiration. This inspired her trust in the intuition to cultivate the shortest concepts. For example, the 2011 “Fallen Princess” series was born out of deep personal suffering, when she angrily opposed the theme of “happiness from now on” that we were spoon-fed since we were young. The series creates metaphors from fairy tales and myths, forcing viewers to think about real life: dream failure, addiction, obesity, cancer, the extinction of local culture, pollution, war and the fallacy of chasing eternal youth. By embracing the textures and colors created by Walt Disney, they used these fairy tales to build a multi-billion dollar empire. “Fallen Princess” exposes consumerism that denies the morality of these ancient fables.

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